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  • How does GO Swipe Work?


    Go Swipe the Card

    Key in the total amount and swipe the card through the card reader which will automatically connect using the Go Swipe application on your device. It’s just that easy!


    Sign and Complete

    Give the mobile device to the customer so they can sign for the purchase using the touchscreen. No pen is necessary. The customer can use an index finger to sign.


    Customer Receipt

    The best part is that the customer will receive an itemized receipt, including a copy of their signature, and a map showing the location of the sale. It’s safe and secure for both you and the customer.


    Business Payment

    All transactions are deposited into your bank account the following business day from the day of the transaction Monday through Friday. Any
    transaction completed over the weekend are deposited by Tuesday.



    Merchant Services are provided by Group ISO – Group ISO, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA American Express may require separate approval.

    * The mobile qualified rate applies to qualified swiped visa/mc/discover network transactions and requires activation approval along with download app and go swipecard reader.All mobile qualified keyed transactions will cost 2.50% Corporate, rewards ,special cards and cards that do not meet the requirements of card swipe or key entered will be charged non qualified rate of 3.50%.

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    QwickPAY™ will process keyed or swiped transactions using cutting edge hardware.

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    GoSwipe iPhone App

    QwickPAY™ uses an encrypted card reader to protect both the merchant and consumer.

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